Lowlands Beach Community Choir

Sansa Kroma

Sansa kroma
Ne na woo
Aw che che kokoma
Ghanaian children’s game song


sah-sah kroh-mah
nee nay woo
aw-chay chay koh-koh mah


Sansa, the hawk. You are an orphan, and so you snatch up baby chicks. Akan children singing this song are reminded that if anything happend to their parents and they became orphans, they would not have to wander alone, frantically trying to provide for their own needs. They would be taken in by a relative or a family in their village.

Information about the song:

This version is a playground song. The instructions for the game are: "A rock is passed around the circle on the ground, according to one of two possible patterns. In the first pattern the rock is grabbed on the first beat and passed low to the ground to the right on the third beat of each measure. [grab, pass] In the second the child taps the rock on the ground on the first and third beat of the first measure. In the next measure the rock is passed on the first beat followed by a clap on the third beat. [tap, tap, pass, clap] This pattern is repeated."

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