Lowlands Beach Community Choir

2016 Festival of Voice Highlights

Lowlands Beach Community Choir had a fantastic time at the 2016 Festival of Voice. We had two sets, one on Saturday afternoon and the second on Sunday afternoon.

You can see what we were doing in the 2016 Festival:

All of the songs we sang are on both the



These photos were taken at the Saturday performance at "Chilli Lime Salt":
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These photos were taken at the Sunday performance at "Chilli Lime Salt", and later at the choir post-performance celebration:
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Movie Clips


We have video of all of our performance on Saturday, but it is too large to embed in the web pages. You can view the clips on Youtube:

U Tati Kuma
Reap what you will sow
If you love you will receive love
I you hate you will receive hate
Take a Walk in my Country
Sister Oh Sister
Take my Rest
Sansa Kroma
Sansa, the hawk. You are an orphan, and so you snatch up baby chicks.
Akan children singing this song are reminded that if anything happend to their parents and they became orphans, they would not have to wander alone, frantically trying to provide for their own needs. They would be taken in by a relative or a family in their village.
Midnight Special


These clips were made during our Sunday performance at Chilli Lime Salt, and suffer from the clatter of café noise around us. However, they do show the energy of the choir!