Lowlands Beach Community Choir

Denmark Festival of Voice 2017

2017 was the best Festival of Voice to date! We had two great sets, one on Saturday afternoon and the second on Sunday afternoon.

You can see what we were doing in the 2017 Festival:

All of the songs we sang are on both the

Previous Festivals

Look back in time and see what we looked like and how we performed at previous Festivals:


Pictures of the choir members as they sang. Run your cursor over the thumbnails to see larger pictures:


These photos were taken at the Saturday performance at the Uniting Church and Sunday at "Chilli Lime Salt":
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Movie Clips

We have video of each of the songs we performed over the weekend. You can view the clips on Youtube:

Nidja Noongar (Sunday, with guests Eugene Eades and Bruce Anthony)
Take my Rest (Saturday)
Josephine (Saturday)
Chocolate Jesus (Saturday)
Sylvie (Saturday)
Pakama/Sansa Kroma (Saturday)
Honest Heart (Saturday)
Midnight Special (Saturday)

Big Sing

Many of the choir members joined the Big Sing, lead by Phillip Griffin. I've added some of the songs and lyrics to the DFoV 2017 Music Page but they aren't up to our usual standard for presentation of learning material. They are just there to remind us of the songs sung.