Lowlands Beach Community Choir

Do you live within driving distance of Lowlands Beach?
Would you like to sing with a group, in a totally supportive environment?

The Lowlands Community Choir welcomes everyone to experience the simple joy of singing in community. Formed in 2008, this group offers inexperienced singers a safe place to gain vocal confidence with support from each other and direction from facilitator Jude Iddison. Members of the choir have discovered that to sing in three or four part harmony is a gift much richer and longer lasting than sound.

The choir meets at Jude Iddison's house every second Wednesday from 6.30pm (or 7pm - depending on other commitments) to around 8.30pm. Phone Jude (9845 1370) for more information and to confirm dates and times. Have a look at the gallery to see what we've been doing, and check out Festival of Voice for our performances at the most recent and previous Festivals.

To make it easier to learn the songs, this site provides tracks for the individual parts of our current repertoire on the music/songs page. We also have a list of all available lyrics